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Raw Season

Sometimes in January it's like we have to remind the weather that it already had it's chance at winter, it should be over by now. But always, the temperatures drop and the rain becomes relentless, but if we're after one glimpse of joy it's that this is the best time of the season to start breaking in a new pair of raw denim.

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Sick Fades, Bro

Yesterday was our much anticipated Fade February Finale in both our Toronto and Vancouver locations. For the first 24 days of February, we hyped up the Finale by posting denim facts on our blog and encouraging those with the sickest fades to enter into our Fade February contest. To help us judge the event, we had representatives from Nudie Jeans, Levi’s and Railcar. All of the pairs of jeans that entered the contest were beautiful, but we had to settle on three winners. The owners of the winning jeans each won one pair of raw denim from their choice of Nudie, Levi’s and Railcar. Not a bad deal at all! We took some photos at our Vancouver location for your viewing pleasure:                    

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The Heaviest Jeans in the World. For Now.

Scale                   Fade February Fact #24: The search to find the heaviest jeans in the world isn’t an easy one, and even if you can get your hands on them, it’s not a comfortable journey to begin with. Anything over 15 oz is considered to be a heavy raw denim, and a good chunk of denim-heads swear by the heavy stuff. It last longer, and eventually softens up. Japanese denim company Iron Heart began manufacturing 21 & 22 oz denim for motorcyclists that were looking for a more casual solution for protective gear. Denim scientists from Naked & Famous have since beat the 22 oz mark by manufacturing jeans that come in 24, 26, and now a 32 oz denim. The 32 oz Naked & Famous Weird Guys can stand up on their own. Go hard, or go home!

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Whiskers, They Aren’t Just for Cats

Hip/Waist Whiskering                       Fade February Fact #16: A lot of jeans out there have already been broken in for the denim consumer, and one of the most common effects is whiskering. Whiskering fades develop from denim rubbing against itself when the wearer is sitting, or bending at the hips and waist, and have gotten their name due to the resemblance to whiskers on an animal.

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