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Introducing: Jude Neale Denim

The man behind one our newest brands sits down to talk about his new collection of denim and outerwear. Meet Jude Neale. *** After 26 years designing for private denim labels, Jude Neale has created his own collection grounded in rejecting trends and taking the road less traveled. With both a background in textiles and design he has crafted a denim line who’s finely crafted fits can only be matched by the beauty of its fabric. Dutil has just launched his collection in stores and online, and we sat down with him to pick his brain on his new collection, and how he designs his jeans. *** Dutil: I read that you had 26 years of craftsmanship and experience. Can you tell me a little about that and your journey? Jude Neale: I started out in the Textile world very young. Graduating with a degree in Physics and not being able to pursue a career in nuclear physics I jumped at the first opportunity to work as a technical intern in the Textile research & development division of the Firestone Tire Co. From there I went on to manage a large composite Textile mill in Asia. Mastering Spinning, weaving, dyeing and […]

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