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That New NEUW (jeans)

Neuw: The denim has landed Tis’ the season for everything new (and everything NEUW). We are very happy to have fresh arrivals from NEUW for the upcoming season so we thought we’d show you what’s just flown in from our stylish Australian friend. The rundown  If you’re not familiar with the brand, you better catch up because they’re making moves FAST and continuously leading in the denim world. NIEUWLANDSTRAAT (aka NEUW) is an Australian denim brand that launched in 2009, spreading globally in 2011. The brand describes itself as a “modern brand” that strives to “respect the heritage” and “embrace the future.” On top of this, NEUW highly values its ethical production, manufacturing and distribution processes. This means a safe manufacturing environment, no child labour, fair trade standards as well as an environmentally friendly commitment throughout all aspects of the brand. Need we say more? Not only are the denim styles the perfect mix of timeless and modern for both men and women, this brand has also formulated the ideal ethically based production, manufacturing and distribution model for the global market. 3 reasons why we love NEUW  Dutil is always happy to spotlight a brand that is doing it right in all […]

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