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The Weathered Project: Utility Chapter Two

Last October we introduced you to Char Kennedy, a talented and driven industrial designer who creates objects that people use to shape their lives. We’re checking in with her to see which projects are keeping her on the go and how her reliable Nudie Pipe Leds have changed throughout the ride.

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The Weathered Project: Inked Chapter Two

Back in September of 2015, we started the first chapter of the Weathered Project with an introduction to Mitch Kirilo, Gastown Tattoo Parlour artist and owner. Over the past four months, Mitch journeyed around the country in his sturdy Tellasons – we're interested to learn how he (and his winter armour) fared over the Winter.

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Interview: Dani Kreeft

Dani Kreeft is the energetic, creative and straight-talking force behind stationery company Dani Press. We talked to her about the challenges, rewards and inspirations that she has experienced along her journey.

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