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Dutil Denim COVID-19 Work Plan

Dutil Denim COVID-19 Safety Plan – May 2020



Team members please wash/sanitize your hands when entering the store, as well as before and after each client or shipping encounter. We will perform routine (at least twice an hour) cleaning of high touch areas - door handles, pens, keyboards, mouse, phones, desktops, change room door handles, benches and hooks, ladders, etc. Sanitize ANYTHING a client comes in contact - door handles, pin pad after each client, equipment, cashier protective shields, desktop, etc. Use the Sanitize Checklist daily as a reminder of the items that should be sanitized throughout the day.

Please ask clients to use sanitizer upon entering the store as well. We will place sanitizer at the front doors of each store.


    Credit and Debit Only Transactions

We will only be accepting debit and credit transactions until further notice. No cash will be accepted at this time.


     Physical Distancing  

Only 2 customers will be allowed into the stores at a time. Also, please maintain physical distancing (2 Meters) from clients and other staff members when possible. We will have Dutil stickers throughout the store on the floor to show an approximate 2-meter distance to provide a visual. For now, we will have only one staff member in the store per shift. Only use two change rooms in each store, with the middle change room kept closed in Vancouver and Calgary, and every other change room closed in Toronto. We should pull and put items in the changerooms for customers to limit the number of touches of items. 

We will have signs posted on the door of each store to indicate we are only allowing 2 clients in the store a time, and that anyone showing any signs of COVID-19 should not enter the store. We will also have Dutil stickers placed outside of the stores on the ground to provide 2 meters distance between any clients waiting to come into the stores.


     Stock Quarantine

While research is showing the COVID-19 virus does not live long on surfaces, and not easily transmitted via surfaces, we are quarantining all stock tried on and returned by customers for 48 hours prior to putting back on the floor. Please use one of the closed change rooms, and storage bins to date the items. Put these items back on the floor after 2 days has past (e.g. items tried on/returned May 24, would be put back on the floor the morning of May 27, to ensure two full days of quarantine.


    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All team members will wear a mask (we will provide cloth masks, that should be washed everyday using the warmest water temperature you can) while in the store, and when checking out clients please stand behind the checkout desks cashier protective shields. Put on your masks after washing or sanitizing your hands when you arrive at the store. It is not required to wear gloves, but you can if you choose. It is more important to sanitize or wash your hands properly before and after each client encounter. Clients are not required to wear masks at this time.


    Booking Appointments

To help maintain only 2 clients in the store at a time and provide our most valued clients access to our stores. We will allow customers to book 30-minute fitting sessions with us, by sending an email to the store requesting a time identifying what they want to purchase. Please put the appointments in your store’s Google Calendar. This service will be listed on the website and in the FAQ online and on Instagram. Book session clients will receive priority to any clients waiting to come into the stores.


    Hemming and Repairs

We will not take any repairs or hems on worn garments until at least June 15, 2020. Any jeans purchased in-store that require a hem please ask the customer what length inseam they would like the jeans hemmed at, and we will indicate this on the repair forms for the tailors. We are doing this for now until we better understand and COVID-19 dangers there might be to our tailors.


  Symptoms Of COVID-19

Please do not come into work if you over the past 10 days have had any of these:

  1. Symptoms; fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle aches or headache;
  2. Been asked to self-isolate by a Public Health Office;
  3. Just came back from outside Canada or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. You much self-quarantine for 14 days before coming into work.

We will post in the entry of all stores, a notice that people should not enter the store if they have any of the above situations as well.

Also, if you begin to feel sick at work, please contact your manager, sanitize your hands and the areas you have been in contact with in the store, and immediately go home. Please either use this COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool - or call 811.


    Any Concerns?

If you have any concerns about anything listed on this Safety Plan, or if you believe this Plan is not being followed. You also have the right to contact Worksafe BC at 604.276.3100 if you work at the Vancouver store, WCB at 866.922.9221 for the Calgary Store and WSIB at 416.344.4122 for the Toronto store if you have any concerns that you do not believe are being taking seriously by Dutil Management.


   Daily Sanitize Checklist

Please complete these tasks in the morning, evening and after a customer has left the store.

  • Checkout Counter – all surfaces
  • POS Keypad
  • Doorknobs – inside/outside
  • Changeroom handles, hooks, doors, sitting areas, mirrors, bars
  • Mirrors
  • Computer – Monitor, Keyboard, Scanner, Mouse and Printer
  • Pens, online tape dispenser, stapler
  • Telephone – after each use as well


Please complete these tasks in the morning and evening.

  • Sandwich Boards


Please sanitize your hands each time you enter the store, and after each engagement with a customer or touching any of the stock.