An Homage to Levi’s: Vintage inspired looks with Levi’s 721 and Wedgie

Longing for Levi’s

Levi's truly needs no introduction. The brand is backed on tradition, authenticity, and timelessness. We’ve written before about Levi’s: their ground-breaking Commuter Line, their long history and their defining moments in the history of denim. We know we don’t need to convince you that Levi’s are a great denim choice for just about anyone, so we simply thought we would show you what’s new this season in-store from Levi’s.

What’s Old is New: Levi’s 721

 If you haven’t noticed, vintage styles (especially vintage denim) have become a key component of current “must-have” trends. If you haven’t been able to find that perfect pair of second-hand vintage denim, fear not, because your favourite brand Levi’s has created NEW vintage. Yes, I said a new vintage. You can get your vintage look and feel, but brand new with Levi’s Orange Tab 721’s. This is a classic fit for ladies. The pinup look, constituting of a vintage-blue high-rise skinny jean perfectly hugging your shape. Though, unlike true second-hand vintage denim, these 721’s have some much-needed stretch.

Straight-Up Vintage: Levi’s Wedgie

 If you’re looking for more of a straight leg vintage style, we suggest trying the Levi’s Wedgie in stores. This pair is made from structured denim fabric that Levi’s is best known for. Though more snug throughout the hips and thigh, this high-rise denim falls straight from the knee to the ankle to create that straight-cut vintage feel. Better yet, the back pockets are optimally placed for the most flattering backside. It’ll feel (and look like) these jeans were made for you.

Vintage Fits 101

Between the 721 and Levi’s Wedgie, we know your vintage-inspired denim desires will be achieved. Since you can never go wrong with a pair of Levi’s, pop into one of our locations in Vancouver or Toronto and our jean-iuses will set you up with your perfect Levi’s look.