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Some important changes at Dutil amidst COVID-19 (Updated on , September 16, 2020)

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to take a turn towards the positive, we're starting to look towards slowly and safely reopening. Our three brick and mortar stores are located in cities that have been impacted by coronavirus to varying degrees, and we will are therefore reopening them independently.

When will your stores be reopening?

All our stores are now open from 12pm - 5pm Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday & Friday and Saturday 12pm - 6pm. You can also make an  appointment by emailing the store you would like to visit.

Are you accepting cash in your stores?

Currently, we are only accepting debit and credit for purchases, no cash will be accepted at this time. This may change in the future, and we will provide an update when this policy changes. 

Can I set-up an appointment for a fitting session?

Yes, please send an email to the store you would like to visit to set-up a time for a fitting session. They will schedule you in for 30 minute session, ask what you are looking to find and have items available for you to try on when you get there.

What if I have jeans I want hemmed/altered?

Given the health and safety concerns related to sewing previously worn garments, we will only be accepting unworn garments for hems. We will not be doing any repairs at this time. If we think your garment has been worn it will not be accepted for repair. Please contact if you have any questions relating to this.

I dropped off a garment for a repair, hem or alteration before the shut down - what's happening with that?

All jeans that were paid repairs and dropped off before we shut down have been completed. They will be ready for pick-up when your local store reopens. Curb-side pickup is available by request.

Nudie Jeans that were part of the Free Nudie Repair Program were not all completed prior to the temporary closures, so please email the stores directly to see if you repair was completed. We will have more information about the Nudie Repair Program in early June.  

What is being done in store to stop the spread of COVID-19?

When entering a Dutil location, everyone is required to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask. We are limiting our occupancy to 4 customers at a time and have placed markers throughout the shop to encourage social distancing. Additionally, our staff is sanitizing all high contact surfaces prior to opening the stores, and after each customer has left the store, as well as at closing. All clothing that has been tried on but not purchased is quarantined for two days. All Dutil staff have been supplied with masks, gloves and sanitation equipment. We require that anyone who has shown the signs associated with COVID-19 within the past 10 days to stay home. This health plan was developed from the guidelines by provincial and federal health officials. 

Can I still order jeans online?

Our online store has remained open through the pandemic. Our team is practicing social distancing and maintaining a sanitized work environment as orders are shipped. Couriers across the world are experiencing significant delays due to an increased volume and COVID-19 restrictions - you should expect your package to take longer than you are used to.

All of our stores are once again offering in store pick-up. If you would like to pick up your order curb-side, call the store when you get here and we'll be happy to bring out your order for you.

Can I return jeans I purchased before the pandemic?

We are now accepting returns on all jeans purchased before the pandemic. These jeans will be set aside to disinfect and not put on our floor to be sold. As always, jeans that have been worn, hemmed, altered or washed are final sale, and not eligible for return - same with jeans that were purchased on sale. If you purchased your jeans online, please initiate your return with the form below.

Can I see your COVID-19 Work Plan?

Yes, you can read our entire Work Plan here:

What if I have a question?

Please use the form below to contact our online team.

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Circle of Friends COF M7 Taper Review

Circle of Friends COF M7 Taper Review
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Introducing: AW Selvedge

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Fade February 2020

Fade February 2020

Back for its 9th year, Dutil's annual Fade February Competition is here to find the world's best denim fades. With the help of our judges, the owners of the 3 best faded jeans in each of our stores will be crowned the winners of Fade February 2020 and win free jeans!

In Store Competition

Do you live in Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary? Great! You qualify for our in store competition. Register by Wednesday, February 26 and show up for judging at your local Dutil store on Saturday, February 29 at 6PM - the event will finish around 8pm. Beer will be served.

Online Competition

Not in Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary? Submit photos of your jeans by registering online before Wednesday, February 26. Our judges will select 1 first place winner, and the second place winner will be selected by our @dutildenimshop followers on Sunday, March 1.

Note: Participants in the Vancouver, Toronto & Calgary competitions may not also compete in the online competition.

Free Jeans?

That's right! Free jeans will be provided to the winners by C.O.F. Studio, Naked & Famous and Nudie.

Missed in-store registration? Come anyways! 

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The Next Decade of Denim

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Unbranded vs. Naked & Famous: Fit Comparison
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Rinsed or Raw? - Building Your Denim Rotation

Rinsed or Raw? - Building Your Denim Rotation

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Denim Weather: Our Favourite Denim Jackets

Denim Weather: Our Favourite Denim Jackets

As the leaves begin changing and the days get shorter, we begin to miss summer days in the park and visits to the beach. While sometimes this seasonal transition can feel like saying goodbye to the late nights on the patio, our team here at Dutil know it’s the perfect time of year to pull out a tried and true garment - the perfect layering piece for a sweatshirt or flannel. You know where this is going (we are a denim store after all!). We’re talking about the Denim Jacket.

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