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Breaking in Denim – N&F Women’s Jeans

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Breaking in Denim – N&F Women’s Jeans

Welcome to our second installment of Denim Diaries. In this series, we explore the break-in process of 6 pairs of Naked & Famous Women’s Jeans. In our last article, we met Jen, Zoe, and Montana and introduced the three Naked & Famous jeans they started wearing: the Classic, High Skinny and Max. Finally, after 6 weeks of wear, our denim guinea pigs are ready to report on how their opinions of these jeans have changed (if at all) in the process of breaking them in.

“They’ve essentially just been customized to my body. It’s as though they’ve become second skins.”


Anyone who has broken in raw denim before can tell you that six weeks is more than enough time to witness a substantial change in the denim. So we figured now would be as good a time as any to evaluate how these jeans have changed since day one. All three women are reporting that their jeans feel more comfortable and look better now, and Jen and Zoe have both described their jeans as a “second skin.” Their original ratings of these jeans are summarized below, alongside their current ratings.

Original Ratings

Jean Fit Style Comfort
Classic 11oz Selvedge (Jen) 7 7 2
High Skinny 11oz Selvedge (Jen) 9 8 8
Classic Indigo Duck (Zoe) 8 10 9
Max Stretch Selvedge Raw (Zoe) 8 10 8
Classic 11oz Selvedge (Montana) 8 10 10
High Skinny Black Power Stretch (Montana) 7 10 7

Current Ratings

Jean Fit Style Comfort
Classic 11oz Selvedge (Jen) 9 9 9
High Skinny 11oz Selvedge (Jen) 8 8 9
Classic Indigo Duck (Zoe) 8 10 9
Max Stretch Selvedge Raw (Zoe) 8 10 10
Classic 11oz Selvedge (Montana) 8 10 10
High Skinny Black Power Stretch (Montana) 7 10 8
Naked & Famous 11oz Selvedge
Montana in the N&F Classic – 11oz Selvedge

How has the process of breaking in denim been?

Jen: Overall the break-in process has been revelatory. The journey started out uncertain (and uncomfortable) but I’ve been really surprised by how much the jeans have changed! The discomfort lasted about a week. I was excited to recently notice wear marks like creasing and slight indigo loss on my Classics.

Zoe: The Classics stretched quickest of the two but also caused the most initial discomfort. Max took longer to stretch out but has been fairly comfortable from day one. With that being said, both jeans have stretched between a half size and a full size since day one.

Montana: The Classics have been extremely easy to break in — they gave within the first day and have been super comfy since. The High Skinnies took a little longer compared to the 11oz [Classics], but after a good month, they’re finally relaxing where I want them to. I wear these jeans on average 3 times a week, for reference.

Have the N&F jeans you got challenged the way you dress?

Jen: The Classics definitely have! I don’t normally wear straight leg jeans, so the switch from skinny and slim jeans to a wide-legged straight cut made me rethink my wardrobe. Trying to compliment the Classics with my current wardrobe has made me take risks in all kinds of ways I never imagined I would have!

Zoe: The max was a big departure from my normal style. As someone who dresses androgynously most of the time, wearing a slimmer fitting jean was something I was admittedly nervous about. That being said, I’ve been surprised by the versatility of the jean within the context of my wardrobe.

Montana: The Classics are a fun jean so it has made me experiment with styling them. You can dress them up with heels or wear them with sneakers or high tops to create a cool easy-going look. I like the versatility they give me in that sense.

Zoe in the N&F Max – Stretch Selvedge
Montana in the N&F Classic – 11oz Selvedge

How have both jeans changed overtime?

Jen: The Classics have formed to my body perfectly. The High Skinnies have stretched too, but I’ve been wearing the Classics more often, and as a result, they’re like a second skin now. I didn’t expect that at all when I started this journey!

Zoe: Both pairs have stretched comfortably… they’ve essentially just been customized to my body. It’s as though they’ve both become second skins. And I’ve started to notice some creasing and a little bit of fading too.

Montana: The Classics have relaxed a full size I would say; most notably in the waist and other points of high stress. The High Skinnies have finally relaxed now too! They were originally pretty “suck your body in” snug and now I feel a little more comfortable, especially when I sit down.

Which pants do you prefer and why?

Jen: I prefer the Classics because they’re so unique and force me to think differently about my style. I really like rocking them with a big cuff to show off the selvedge and bring some contrast to the deep blue colour of the indigo.

Zoe: I prefer the fit of the Classics, however, I love the denim used for the Max. It has some stretch and for a more fitted jean like the Max, which makes a world of difference.

Montana: Now that my high skinnies have broken in, I’d have to say those ones. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of high-rise, black skinny jeans!