Hemming Jeans… Into Shorts

Hemming Jeans… Into Shorts

By now you know that we love jeans. What can we say… they’re the perfect pant. Still, we are willing to concede that jeans are not — I repeat, are not — appropriate for every occasion. Only the strongest willed denim enthusiasts rock their jeans in 30+ degree (celsius) heat. And that’s where shorts come in handy! There are plenty of great shorts on the market (check out some from our online inventory if you’re curious), but sometimes what’s available just doesn’t cut it.

The Plan

The plan here is simple: we hem a pair of jeans to about a 7″ inseam so they effectively turn into shorts. John picked out a pair of Neuw Studio Pants. Below you’ll see him wearing them pre-hem.

John opted for the Neuw Studio Pants for their wash and fit. He wanted his (soon-to-be) pair of shorts to end just above the knee with a finished hem. So, we marked and measured and then our tailor Kevin got to work using our Union Special.

Not 20 minutes later and the jeans had become shorts! Take a look at the final product below.

And there you have it. We love that something as simple as hemming can give new purpose to an old pair of jeans. Because lets face it… we all have jeans buried in our closets that we don’t wear. Whether it’s because we sized them wrong to begin with or because they shrunk up too much in the dryer, why not try and give them some new life?

What to Remember

Ready to commit, then? Well, here’s just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before bringing your jeans in for their transformation. First, think about what length you’d like the shorts to be. In doing so, consider whether you’ll wear the shorts cuffed or not — cuffing could affect the falling length of the short by an inch or so. You’ll also want to think about the fit of your jeans. Are they tight in the thigh? Loose? Knowing how the jeans fit will likely inform the length you’ll cut them to. Finally, try to recall whether or not the jeans have been washed and/or dried. There’s nothing worse than too-short-shorts!

Those things all considered, however, you’ll probably be good to go! In which case, leave us a comment here or drop us a line on instagram if you have any more questions!