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Tiger of Sweden/Jeans - Tailoring DNA & Urban Style

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Tiger of Sweden/Jeans - Tailoring DNA & Urban Style

We are excited to announce the launch of Tiger of Sweden/Jeans at Dutil Denim! With both men's and women's fits available in all our stores, Tiger of Sweden is a must try for those who love combining comfort with elevated style. Read on for the story on how a men's suiting house used their tailoring DNA to make a name for themselves in the industry for the world's finest fabric (yes we are biased) …denim.

Tiger of Sweden/Jeans was built on the foundation of the Stockholm-based fashion house’s more than a century of tailoring experience. The founders Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordström were the first to bring ready-to-wear tailoring to Sweden, making suits accessible not solely for the rich few, but for the working many. [Intriguing to note that denim moved from the working many to everyone.] 


Tiger of Sweden has stood for style with purpose, dressing men and women for whom true style is about the confidence to be themselves. The company was built on the Scandinavian principles of equality and fairness. Tailoring has defined the brand ever since, with an emphasis on cut, shape and fabric. The company is defined by a belief in change – a faith that people can change anything, which means everything. Continuing that tradition into the 21st century, Tiger of Sweden sees its role as a curator of culture, believing in creativity as force.

For Tiger of Sweden/Jeans - the urban city is their home. The backstreet is their playground. They breathe music. They are the ones that stand closest to the stage. They are the last one to leave the party. These are the same people we call friends at Dutil. Ask for Tiger of Sweden/Jeans next time you visit us. See you all very soon…we hope!