The Next Decade of Denim

The Next Decade of Denim

The past ten years have been characterized by several important denim trends: we saw the skinny jean/jegging trend take over the world in the early 2010s; by the mid-2010s, raw denim was a household term; and near the end of the 2010s, we saw the beginning of the vintage denim movement that we're now in the midst of. So what are the next ten years going to look like? Here's what we think.

High Rise

In the latter half of the past decade we saw women start to replace their favourite low-mid rise jeans (shoutout Britney) with high rise jeans. This shift, we think, has everything to do with a desire for comfort. We've recently seen men start to make this shift too, but not with the same enthusiasm as women, and that's why we think the next decade will be the decade for high rise pants for men (and a continued devotion to high waisted pants for women). Spike Jonze got more than one thing right about the future in his film, Her. 

If you're looking to add some high-rise jeans to your closet, we suggest you check out:

For women: the Levi's Mile High and the Paige Hoxton.

For men: the N&F Easy Guy and the rag + bone Fit 3.

Straight Leg


Women have already caught on, and men don't seem to be too far behind: straight leg is in. We suspect that this attraction towards straight-leg jeans is due to two reasons: first—simply put—people are tired of skinny jeans. What better response to a tired trend than trying the total opposite. And it feels like we've been working our way here. We saw women transition from skinny jeans to mom jeans to, now, straight leg jeans. The desire for something different has been clear. The second reason we think straight leg jeans are in is due to the aforementioned vintage movement we seem to be in the midst of. Vintage is in. And straight leg jeans are 'vintage'. 

If you're looking to add some straight leg jeans to your closet, we suggest you check out:

For women: the N&F Classic and the Rolla's 90s Blue.

For men: the Iron Heart 634 and the Doublewood Straight.


This past decade saw consumers putting a lot of emphasis on 'fit'. After all, the skinny jean trend was in response to jeans fitting big and baggy in the early 2000s. However, we suspect that the 2020s will see consumers start to intentionally embrace and style anti-fits (that is, fits that don't necessarily compliment one's body). In addition to comfort being a big incentive for anti-fits (gone are the days when beauty is pain rings true), we think that less-effort-dress, so to speak, is gaining popularity. And nothing says "I don't care" like a loose fitting pair of jeans.

If you want to give an anti-fit a go this season, we suggest you check out:

For women: the Ksubi Playback.

For men: the Doublewood Comfort.

We're excited to see which trends take off in these next ten years. Denim has always been a huge player in fashion forecasting, so regardless of how people wear it, we're confident denim will continue to reinvent itself.