Unbranded vs. Naked & Famous: Fit Comparison

Unbranded vs. Naked & Famous: Fit Comparison

Founded by the folks over at Naked & Famous, Unbranded is a denim company that celebrates craftsmanship, quality and value. Unbranded's ethos is thus: make minimalist jeans without any over the top branding or unnecessary details. Stay away from celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns. Let the products do the talking. So when we were confronted with the opportunity to stock Unbranded jeans on our shelves, the choice was obvious. We love quality goods made with high value. In proper introductory form, this blog post is all about how Unbranded's jeans fit.

To help illustrate how the Unbranded fits look, we've placed a photo of the Unbranded jeans (on the left), next to a pair of a similar fitting Naked & Famous jeans (on the right). 

UB201 ("Tapered Fit")

The UB201 has a mid-high rise with a comfortable amount of room in the seat and thigh. Then, the jean tapers from the mid-thigh down to the ankle for a classic silhouette. This jean is great for those who are used to N&F's Weird Guy.


UB601 ("Relaxed Tapered Fit")

If you're an 'Easy Guy', good chance you're also a UB601-Guy. Featuring a roomy seat and strong taper, this jean has comfortability and wearability in mind while still offering a modern look. If you like the room that the Easy Guy provides but want a slightly slimmer profile, the UB601 is for you.


UB401 ("Tight Fit")

The UB401 compares most easily with the Super Guy from N&F because of its slim profile. However, the UB401 offers a bit more room in the thigh and has a stronger taper toward the leg opening. The UB401 is great for those looking for a jean with an ultra-narrow leg opening.