Rinsed or Raw? - Building Your Denim Rotation

Rinsed or Raw? - Building Your Denim Rotation

Shopping for denim can be an extremely varied experience, depending on who you ask. Some choose to invest in one, long-lasting pair, holding off on buying another until their previous option is no longer wearable. Others however, choose to embrace the variety of denim out in the world, amassing a collection of jeans to cycle through as they please.

The great part about both of these quite opposite perspectives is that neither one is incorrect. It simply breaks down to personal preference. Now, if you happen to find yourself in between these opinions, embracing the idea of consistent wear, but also longing for the freedom of expression variety offers, this post is for you. 

Here are four core categories that can help develop a great denim rotation.

The Everyday Classic

A fairly neutral option, the everyday classic denim can range in fabric depending on personal preferences. Stretch, raw, or rinsed, the fabric choice doesn't matter at all, seeing that this is your everyday pair. If you value durability and wear patterns, you may want to choose a raw option. If comfort and flexibility are necessary, then stretch options are the way to go. Regarding fit, however, the everyday classic should be something that fits your body type well. For myself, it is the A.P.C Petit New Standard. Offering a tapered, slim fit that gives off a casual yet put together appearance.


The Casual-Comfort

Everyone needs a little comforting sometimes and this pair will do the trick. If you find yourself typically wearing stiffer, raw fabrics, then your guilty pleasure comfort jean may include some stretch. For myself, someone who frequents fairly slim fits and raw fabrics, my comfort option is the Levi’s 501. A straight leg, with a minor taper toward the hem and added stretch, this looser-fitting option is ideal for dress-down days. 


The Formal Option

For those scenarios that don’t call for formal wear but require a professional, put together look, we have the formal option. Whether you wear them to the office or a night out, the formal option is a versatile blend of just the right amount of casual and professional. This pair should give off a slim, tailored look, while remaining fairly toned down. Look for darker indigo or black for colour, and try to stay away from bright contrast stitching or back pocket details as they give off a more casual feel. I've opted for the N&F Weird Guy Black Selvedge.


A Non-Denim Option

For me, the choice is simple: N&F's Duck Canvas Pant.

Although this post attempts to help guide your denim rotation decisions, having a unique non-denim option can add a great deal of depth to your rotation. This can be your chance to play around with colours that are typically not made into denim. For this category, I suggest the Duck Canvas pant from Naked and Famous in whatever fit suits you best. The sand colour is versatile and easy to dress both up and down.