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Introducing the New Dutil Tee - Iteration 2

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Introducing the New Dutil Tee - Iteration 2

Soft, impossibly light and a cult favourite - Dutil's Quintessential Tee has a lot of fans. Beginning as a classic white crew-neck, we soon released pocketed and v-neck variants followed by an all-black colour way. Over the years, we've gotten requests to launch a new version in colours. Well, we listened.

The Tee

When creating this t-shirt, we wanted to keep to the simplicity that made our first t-shirt a success, while changing the formula enough. We knew that if we wanted to use colours, we'd need to use a different fabric, and if we wanted to use a different fabric we'd need to create another fit.

Meet the Iteration 2. Two new colours, a redesigned fit, and a heavier jersey knit fabric. Most remarkably, these tees are made of a blend of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton. 1 t-shirt = 5 recycled plastic bottles. 


Key Differences between the Iteration 2 and the Quintessential

Fabric: Weighing 6.2oz, these shirts are 3.2 ounces heavier than the Quintessentials t-shirts. This means a thicker, heavier fabric. 

Composition: 60% RPET (polyester appropriated from recycled water bottles) and 40% recycled cotton. 

Fit: Compared to the Quintessential Tees, the Iteration 2 has a boxier body and thicker collar and hem.

Sizing: This shirt fits true to size. If you already own a Dutil Quintessential Tee, you should consider sizing up if it fits a little tight or fits perfectly.

If you'd like to see more, give the following video a watch. If you'd like to learn more about the shirts, check out their respective product pages: Moss and Stone

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