Denim Weather: Our Favourite Denim Jackets

Denim Weather: Our Favourite Denim Jackets

As the leaves begin changing and the days get shorter, we begin to miss summer days in the park and visits to the beach. While sometimes this seasonal transition can feel like saying goodbye to the late nights on the patio, our team here at Dutil know it’s the perfect time of year to pull out a tried and true garment - the perfect layering piece for a sweatshirt or flannel. You know where this is going (we are a denim store after all!). We’re talking about the Denim Jacket.

Denim Jackets – a History

The denim jacket was first made by Levi’s in 1880. It was originally designed for the use of railroad workers and cowboys alike. The durability and breathability of cotton as a fabric made it the perfect item for heavy use and frequent wear. As times have changed, the denim jacket has progressed from a working man’s staple to a fashion piece worn by the masses. From the rockers (think a young Bruce Springsteen) to the runway, the denim jacket has become the layering piece that has proven itself to stand the test of time.

Our Favourite Denim Jackets this Season

We’ve picked a few of our favourite styles to get you through this transitional season:

The Hybrid - Naked and Famous 10oz Work Shirt (Coming Soon Online)

This work shirt features a 10 oz raw denim in a deep indigo shade. Giving durability, this shirt doubles down as a light jacket or a shirt once late fall calls for more warmth. The metal buttons give it a rugged edge, making it one of our favourite new arrivals from the brand.

The Eclectic - Lord of Nep Selvedge Jacket

Long awaited, Naked and Famous promised the “neppiest” fabric they’ve ever made, and they delivered. The 14.5oz jacket is soft, but heavy. The white flecks make it look like you just got caught in a notorious early fall Canadian snowstorm, but this piece will definitely outlive just this season. It’s a new take on a classic trucker cut.

The Heavyweight - Rogue Territory Supply Jacket

The supply jacket is one of our best-selling jackets over the years. Taking design cues from a chore coat but crafted in a 15oz denim from Japan, this heavyweight jacket is going to age beautifully and is built to be heavily worn.

The Warm One - APC Denim Quilted Jacket

Canada is well known around the world for its cold temperatures. Growing up in Calgary I have vivid memories of having to layer a snowsuit underneath my costume every single Halloween. This piece from A.P.C. has us prepared for those sudden temperature drops. Fully lined with a quilted padding and light polyester lining, there is an extra layer of insulation for those sudden temperature drops.

The OriginalLevi’s Trucker

There are many versions, but only one original. When you think “denim jacket” it’s likely your mind puts that in the same category as Levi's. Levi's makes a multitude of shades in the classic trucker cut so anyone can find their perfect denim jacket. Our current fave is the mid blue Palmer trucker. Fall is the perfect time to bring a true mid blue into your rotation.

Author: Zoe Kennedy, Toronto.