Summer to Fall: A guide to that Awkward Period In Between Seasons

It’s officially that awkward time of year when we’re freezing in the morning and sweltering by mid-day. You know, the In-Between Seasons season. It is truly the epitome of the summer to fall transition. This awkward time constantly has us wondering how to dress, so we thought we’d give you a few suggestions to get you through this seasonal confusion.

In Between Seasons: Layers for Life

Layers should be your best friends this time a year. We suggest a light cotton t-shirt, sweater, and light jacket.

Guys, try out our White Dutil Basic T with the Naked & Famous Regular Shirt in Soft Tartan. On top of this, throw on the Nudie Ronny Patches Denim Jacket. All of these layers are light colours to keep you cool individually, but great all together to stay warm in the morning.


Ladies, opt for the White Dutil Basic T as well. Layer it with your favorite sweater or cardigan and throw the Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Dream of Life Jacket overtop. Like the guys, this light-colored combo will keep you feeling the perfect temperature and feeling confident when removing a layer or two.


Shorts? Pants? In Between Seasons Solutions

Choosing which bottoms to wear during this seasonal transition is another confusing choice in your daily routine. Shorts or pants? Truly, you can never be too confident choosing either at this time.

Since we are denim lovers, we obviously opt for jeans (for the most part). We think the right jeans will be versatile throughout the day and will keep you at the right temperature.

Guys, we have two suggestions. The first is from Nudie’s as all of their jeans are made from 100% organic cotton. As we know, cotton is great in the summer as it absorbs sweat and helps to keep the body a cool temperature. So, Nudie is a great option for this seasonal transition. Try the Nudie Lean Dean Rebel Blues for a super light wash. Another pant suggestion is a jogger. It's light and hangs loosely on the body for maximum airflow. Try the Globe Goodstock Jogger in Army Green.


Ladies, we have a fresh idea for you too. Opt for denim, but a more cropped and relaxed fit in a light wash. We suggest Levi’s Wedgie Icon in the Partner in Crime wash. The Wedgie’s are the ultimate jean for this transitional period. They are cropped, relaxed, and light washes, with some light distressing. Plus, they’re also 100% cotton so they will help to maintain your body’s temperature and stay cool.

dutil denim levis wedgie icon partner in crime in between seasons

We hope these suggestions will help you to thrive in the summer to fall transition. Shop online or stop by any of our locations to try these pieces for yourself to solve the In-Between Seasons Blues!

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