Dutil Eyewear International Launch: You’re Invited!

Dutil Eyewear International Launch

Dutil is pleased to announce the international launch of its first eyewear collection. We invite you to join us at Durant Sessions at 315 W. Cordova Street in Vancouver on Thursday, September 7th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for a celebration of this international launch.

To give you a rundown of the new eyewear collection, we sat down with the founder and designer behind Dutil Eyewear and Dutil Denim, Eric Dickstein. We talked to him about his inspiration and drive behind the new eyewear collection.

When did you get the idea for Dutil Eyewear?

It’s been a little more than a decade. I’ve been in the eyewear industry since 1996. I started with Oliver Peoples and for the last 10 years I’ve been envious of people who have been creators, so I wanted to do it.

What is the inspiration behind Dutil Eyewear?

The inspiration is balanced discoverability and classic design. I have a lot of whacky ideas in my head, but I mostly like the idea of human beings being able to wear my product. I prefer something to be about the person and what they are wearing. I’ve also always been attracted to simplicity.

What makes Dutil Eyewear different from other eyewear brands?

I’m not sure that we are different. I’m not sure how differently you can make a pair of glasses. What I think makes a brand unique is the people behind it. From the imagery that you use to clever thought processes and people, you work with. Everything combined together makes something special. Good design is something you feel and not necessarily see. Though, there are nuances that exist on our eyewear. Our logo is subtly on every frame. Movement and direction also play a big role in our eyewear.

What was the biggest challenge in creating this eyewear?

Honestly, money. It’s not that I don’t have ideas to do another 500 frames. It’s the business that has to correspond. Money is always a factor.

Which frame(s) are your favourite(s)?

The Cooper. I really like this one, but I like them all for different reasons. They’re kind of like children. It’s hard to say which is your favourite. So they’re all my favorites. Though, sometimes they’re all my enemies because when you stare at them for hours, you start to lose perspective.

Where will Dutil Eyewear be available?

Dutil Eyewear will be available at premium optical stores globally.

What would you like others to know about this next step for you in the eyewear industry?

The way I see my life in the eyewear industry is like a teenager growing up. I’ve been in the industry for 21 years. I’ve navigated through a successful company and now its time to spread my wings and do my own thing. I think that the journey is the most special throughout the whole process. Just doing it is special. Like a 21-year-old, its time to leave my parent’s home in the optical industry. I’m excited to start this process.

We’d like to give a big thank-you to Eric for taking the time to speak with us about Dutil Eyewear. We look forward to the international launch at Durant Sessions on Thursday, September 7th and watching as this new venture unfolds.