Staff Style Spotlight: Edwin (Dutil Vancouver)

Denim experts by day…

Dutil is excited to announce a new series to the blog; Staff style. Each month, a staff member from our Vancouver or Toronto locations will be interviewed to learn a little bit about them and about their favourite jeans and apparel picks of the month. Here at Dutil, we consider our staff jean-iuses, so we thought we’d share their top picks and knowledge with you!

Meet Edwin, our jean-ius

This month, we are talking to Edwin, a jean-ius at our Vancouver location. We spoke with him to find out a little more about himself and his personal style favourites for the upcoming fall season.


Q: We’ll start off with some get to know you questions, how long have you been working at Dutil?

A: I’ve been here since mid-February, so just about 6 months now.

Q: What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

A: I flip-flop between strawberry and chocolate, but as of now I’d have to say chocolate.

Q: If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?

A: If you throw a couple of hundred buckets of sand around me I’d be pretty happy where I am right now.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

A: I’m a half-decent singer if that counts.

Q: Can you tell us about your favourite new fall denim style and your three favourite new arrivals for the fall season?

Naked & Famous has been killing it with their new season arrivals. I haven’t bought their denim in a few years, but this season is changing my mind.

255A3008My three fall picks are…

Okayama Spirit 3: I’ve always wanted to try unsanforized denim, but investing in one of our PBJs always seemed a little too risky for me on the chance that I don’t size properly. The OS3 gives me the unsanforizing experience and super slubby denim for half the price of a PBJ.

Naked & Famous Soft Tartan Shirt Navy/Grey: A nice and soft flannel that feels good to the touch. I’d wear it open on most days with a tee underneath for a layer that won’t overheat me.


Naked & Famous Classic Pant in Duck Canvas: This is a women’s pant, but the way it fits dudes is pretty sweet. You get a nice loose fit, even on a smaller size, and the high rise takes a little bit of getting used to but gets pretty comfortable. I like to roll up the cuffs nice and thick and pair them with a pair of 70’s Converse and the N&F Anorak for that fall rain.


Big thanks to Edwin for contributing to our Staff Style series. We love his style ideas for the fall season. Check back for next month’s staff picks!

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