The Fall Essentials

Our editors have harvested their favourite Jeans for Fall/Winter 2016 at Dutil. We’re proud to present our curated list of Fall essentials for men and women from our favourite brands from across the world.

She's wearing the Cheap Monday Honour Knit and 7 for All Mankind Jeans. He's wearing the Nudie Billy Jacket, the black dutil t-shirt and Nudie TLJs.

She’s wearing the Cheap Monday Honour Knit and 7 for All Mankind Jeans. He’s wearing the Nudie Billy Jacket, the black Dutil t-shirt and Nudie TLJs.

From fabulous flannels to the awesome selection of denim that made us so well-loved, we’ve got the digs that’ll make your Instagram pics shine this season. Try on these products at our Vancouver or Toronto locations or find us at 24/7.

Fall is a great season for denim. Dark colors, ashy greys, washed black and of course – gorgeous indigos of every description have always been heralded as classic fall colours, and for good reasons. These colours are naturally beautiful and are impervious to bad weather in that their dark colours help fend off stains.

The jeans we selected this season to correspond to the colours of fall that are so classically “fall,” but also highlight a number of trends.

Trends in Jeans this Fall

Good news, guys! Ripped jeans are still in. Distressed denim in all forms is here to stay. Everything from jeans with knee holes to more subtly distressed denim options that are a little roughed up around the edges is the shining stars of Fall/Winter 2016.

We’re also loving some of the more subtle fades that we’re seeing this season. Check out some of the gorgeous grey, blue and black fades from Nudie this season. Buy a pair and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

The more fashion-forward amongst us might dare a cropped, wide-leg look that will look great on guys and gals. This trend is still growing but look forward to seeing it soon.