Top 5 Tips for Making Denim Work Appropriate

Casual Friday, everyday?

Clearly, we love denim and we think it can be worn for just about any occasion if you do it right. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips for making your denim work appropriately. Don’t worry, you won’t look out of place or too casual. These styles will have you looking professional and feeling comfortable.

Top 5 Tips for Making Denim Work Appropriate

A perfectly tailored jean goes a long way

It may seem obvious, but tailored pants are important. Likewise, tailored jeans are crucial to make your ensemble feel put-together and professional. To make your jeans work for the workplace, make sure the initial fit is neither too big nor too tight. Your jeans should look like they were made for you. Sometimes, this may call for tapering of the leg and hemming the length to ensure the perfect fit. (P.S., Dutil does these alterations!)

2. Fewer fades, more indigo

There is really nothing like a solid pair of dark wash jeans. Though we love and fully support good denim fades, often too much fading can look too casual which is not what we want for the workplace. Try a classic dark indigo wash or even black to make your work ensemble look work appropriate. The dark wash will truly go with anything you wear!

3. Keep it simple

For the workplace, simple is better. Pass on the distressing, embroidered and extremely washed jeans for the office. Instead, try a classic cut and wash with a simplistic design. Small details never hurt, though stray away from overpowering designs. These may ultimately complicate your look and seem too casual.

4. Add a dress shirt

Dressing up jeans for the workplace is simple! Just add a dress or button-down shirt for the perfectly professional outfit flow. (Business on the top, party on the bottom?) Your favourite worktop will absolutely work with a great pair of denim.

5. Belt it

Not only do belts help to minimize the amount your jeans will stretch in the waist, but they also truly make an outfit come together. This accessory is a must-have for everyone. Finalize your denim ensemble with a belt to complete your look. The belt will look even better on top of a tucked-in shirt!

It’s all business

We truly are believers of denim for just about every occasion, so we hope these tips will help you take “casual Fridays” to a new level and feel confident wearing denim to work! We have a feeling your coworkers will be complementing your new (and improved) workplace style.