Baby’s First Bath

Saltwater Rinsed Raw Denim

Saltwater Rinsed Raw Denim

 The best thing about raw denim is that you can customize it in so many different ways. From the number of times, you wear your jeans before washing them, to the way you finally decide to wash them; the choices are endless.

We were lucky enough to receive some photos from someone who decided to saltwater wash his jeans.

Saltwater rinsing is just one of the many ways you can care for your raw denim. A certain favourite company of ours suggests waiting as long as you possibly can before doing the saltwater rinse. This ensures that the denim fabric and the indigo dye will be adequately broken-in before “baby’s first bath”. The second step to the saltwater rinse is to rub your denim in the sand and re-rinse in the ocean. Finally, in order to avoid crunchy jeans and itchy skin, a freshwater rinse is suggested.

dutil. encourages you to peruse the internet and denim magazines to find a cleansing method that suits your ambition, and we’d love to see what you come up with!