C.O.F. Studio – Sweden’s latest in Denim

C.O.F. Studio – Sweden’s latest in Denim

C.O.F. Studio is the brainchild of denim guru Per Fredriksson who has combined all the best aspects of the industry into one exceptional denim brand. Per is a denim industry veteran. He has several decades in the industry under his belt and has worked with different brands across the globe. He’s even credited with having introduced selvedge denim to Japan (but that’s a story for another time).

Circle of Friends – A Story of Collaboration

With his years of experience, Per wanted to create a brand of his own influence. He also wanted to bring together all of the best designers and manufacturers he’d ever worked with. With integrity as their cornerstone, C.O.F. Studio wears every stage of production on their sleeve – or rather, on their pocket bags. Printed on the pocket bags is a list of each Friend, alongside their contribution and region.

A Circle of Friends (C.O.F.) pocket back including the origins of all components of the jean.
A Circle of Friends pocket bag detailing the origins of all the components of the jean.

Candiani Denim, Kuroki, YKK, Vivolo and Cobrax represent a small selection of Per’s Circle of Friends who have each contributed materials, time and labor to the project. To boot, C.O.F.’s jeans are finished with Candiani’s sought after Rivetto D’Oro (“golden rivet”) – a mark of craftsmanship awarded by the Italian mill to a select few designers.

But C.O.F. Studio doesn’t just pride themselves in being friends with some of the best denim mills and factories around the world; they’re also friendly to the environment. The brand’s dyeing practices minimize water consumption by 33%, and their washing practices minimize the usage of unnecessary chemicals. As a result, Circle of Friends is encouraging its consumers to be thoughtful about the products that they are investing in.

Meet the Jeans

Circle of Friends designs each fitted with a different body type in mind. The C.O.F. fits number M1 through M7, and all demonstrate the same painstaking devotion to detail. We’ve summarized the fits below:

      The M1 is a Mid-Rise Slim. The M2 is a Slim-Straight or “Regular” fit. C.O.F. designed it with athletic bodies in mind. The M3 is a Regular, Tapered Jean. The M7 is a High-Rise, Tapered Jean.

Final Thoughts

C.O.F. Studios embodies the types of philosophies we’d like to see more brands commit to. We’re excited to see how they influence the denim-manufacturing scene with their socially conscientious and eco-friendly practices. C.O.F. wants to include you in their circle, and we certainly want to include them in ours.

Circle of Friends is available at Dutil Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary and online at dutildenim.com.