Naked & Famous Classic Fit – Review

Naked & Famous Classic Fit – Review

When self-proclaimed denim nerd Brandon Svarc launched Naked & Famous Denim in 2008 he brought raw denim to the forefront of the Canadian denim world. Indeed, prior to the founding of Naked & Famous, the denim market was awash with mid-toned indigo and faded blacks fabrics that prioritized comfort and unabashedly followed trends. Svarc, to put it mildly, wasn't a fan. Inspired by the decades old Japanese tradition of raw denim, he sought to create simple, minimal jeans in unwashed, raw indigo shades - and thus, Naked & Famous was born. Svarc's goal was to create great, no-B.S. jeans from beautiful Japanese denim without the fanfare of celebrity endorsement.

Like most raw denim manufacturers, Naked & Famous began with a men's line exclusively. The data shows that men make up almost the entirety of the raw denim market, so who can blame them? However a few years after launching their men's line, Naked & Famous took a bold step into raw denim for women - previously unchartered territory, at least for a North American brand. The brand’s design team focussed their attention on constructing basic fits: a mid-skinny, a high-skinny, a boyfriend… Nothing but the essentials. Almost all of their jeans while being raw denim, were stretch fabrics. In Fall/Winter 2017, they broke the mold and released an experimental fit that would soon become their most sought after women’s fit: the Naked & Famous Classic. A high rise. A loose leg. Vintage details. Most unusually, 100% cotton. The fit has become deeply loved among purveyors of quality denim, and we don't disagree.

Naked & Famous Classic Fit:

Most women obsessed with high rise jeans make the same claim: they just aren’t high enough. Well, Naked & Famous heard you loud and clear. The Naked & Famous Classic has a true 13″ rise, hitting right around your belly button. Compare that to other so-called "high rise" jeans that clock in around 11". You want a high rise? You got it.

Channeling the denim golden age of the mid-seventies, Naked & Famous pairs this super high rise with a true straight leg. With a 32″ inseam, most women will want to wear these jeans cuffed, and in doing so, you’ll be able to show off the selvedge detailing; yet another ode to classic denim details! However, if cuffing isn’t your cup of tea, remember that we can always hem the jeans to the right length for you.

Let's talk about the leg: the straight leg of this jean gives you plenty of room in the thigh and calf. This makes fitting this rigid, 100% cotton jean an easier task than you would expect. Because the leg of this jean is almost guaranteed to fit, you only need to worry about the fit of the top block.

Note: We find these jeans tend to fit large. We suggest going down a size from your regular jean size.

Why We Like It:

This jean is a staff favourite at Dutil for all the right reasons. First, the Classic is a super high rise jean. Second, it’s a flattering raw, selvedge denim option for women who like the idea of breaking in a pair of jeans. Third, the Classic cut is available in a variety of interesting fabrics, from duck canvas to 11oz selvedge denim. And Naked & Famous is constantly releasing the fit in new seasonal fabrics too! Finally (and perhaps most importantly), like all of Naked & Famous jeans, the Classic is made in Canada from premium Japanese denim.

Fit Pics:

Madison has been wearing her 11oz Selvedge Classics since October 2017 and she’s washed them four times. Tempted by comfort, she nearly bought her regular size; however, trusting that they’d stretch out enough, she decided to go with a size down. Uncomfortable at first, the jeans stretched roughly one full size. The fabric also softened significantly with continued wear and wash. To boot, the jeans have faded beautifully over time. Starting an almost metallic-like blue, the fabric’s shine eventually disappeared and revealed the beautiful hues of blue pictured above.

Caring for Naked & Famous Classics

Scared by the thought of having to care for raw denim? We get it. 100% cotton, raw denim jeans are a rarity, so few people have the experience of caring for them. Fortunately, the rule are simple and the care instructions straightforward. 

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Wash 'em when they're dirty. Overly frequent washing will break down the denim more quickly, causing holes and exacerbating wear. On the flip side, washing once a year (or never, as in the case of some die-hard raw denim fans!) is not recommended. As dirt and sweat builds up on these jeans, the denim will also break down more quickly. But how do you find that sweet spot? Our answer: Don't sweat it. Chuck 'em in the laundry when they're dirty and don't think about it.
  2. No heat - ever. This rule's important - raw denim is exceptionally sensitive to heat, so make sure to wash them on cold, and never, ever put them in the dryer.
  3. Hang to dry. Or lay flat. But again - no dryer!

How to Style Naked & Famous Classics:

We believe that with few exceptions, jeans look good with everything. Fancy blouse? Go for it. Plain white tee? Sign me up. Over the top Christmas sweater? Absolutely. 

But what if you really want to make these jeans shine? The vintage vibes of these high rise beauties scream for an equally vintage top. We think these jeans would smashing with a willfully tacky neon knit, or your gran's old floral halter top. 

The super high rise of these jeans screams for something cropped, so we would suggest either a cropped hoodie, tee or sweater, or else a regular length item tucked into the jeans. 

Final Thoughts:

We’ll be honest: there’s not much to hate about this fit. Yet the tried and true adage still holds: nothing works for everyone. If you like a jean that is comfortable from the get-go, this cut might not work for you as most of the available fabrics are made from 100% cotton, or close to it. Additionally, if you don’t like your jeans sitting around your belly button, you may want to explore other options. Still, we are glad for N&F’s innovation; the Classic fit has made some of our favourite raw denim attributes accessible to women in a flattering and fashionable way.