Denim Gone Unisex: Nudie Jeans

dutil-denim-unisex-nudie-jeans-men-women-vancouver-toronto dutil-denim-unisex-nudie-jeans-men-women-vancouver-toronto dutil-denim-unisex-nudie-jeans-men-women-vancouver-toronto dutil-denim-unisex-nudie-jeans-men-women-vancouver-torontoGender-Bending Denim: Unisex Everything

Denim may just be one of the most multi-functional articles of clothing you’ll own. It can be worn however and whenever you want. Seriously, as we’ve said before, a good pair of jeans is like a good friend. They’ll stay with you for years to come. A good pair of jeans has many characteristics: color, inseam, fit, size, leg… and gender. But not anymore. Introducing Unisex Jeans.

When you’re looking to buy that good friend, you should be able to buy whatever you feel best in, no matter the style of jeans or whom it is truly meant for.

We really love the brands that are meant for anyone, whether they are from Vancouver, Toronto, or anywhere else, like Nudie Jeans. You can never go wrong with the Skinny Lin, Lean Dean or Brute Knut. They are styles for everyone and will have you feeling comfortable and confident.

Nudie as a brand is officially unisex. All of their styles are designed to be worn by men and women. Although a few of their jeans may tend to work better on men or women, all are designed with both bodies in mind.

Levi’s is perhaps not an obvious choice for an article of the gender-bending potential of denim. Levi’s has clear denim options for men and women, and unlike Nudie has no officially unisex products. Having said that, there are many fits that look good on guy and gals. Levi’s 501 jean is a classic example of this.

“His or Hers” to “His and Hers”

To show you what we’re talking about, we’ve put together some of our favorite denim styles that can look great on anyone.