Which Naked & Famous Fit Are You?

Which Naked & Famous Fit Are You?

It’s no secret that Dutil carries a lot of Naked & Famous fits to suit a wide range of body types and desires. Exploring the nuances between these fits can be a daunting task, so we broke them down for you here.

Super Guy

Originally called the “Super Skinny Guy”, the Naked & Famous Super Guy is a slim-tapered fit; that is to say, it fits slim in the hips and thigh and tapers to a narrow leg opening. The jean has a low-mid rise and tends to fit small, so we recommend going one size up. These jeans are probably tied with the brand's Weird Guy fit as Naked & Famous’s most popular fits. 34" inseam.


Skinny Guy

The predecessor to the Super Guy is the Skinny Guy – a jean with a slim leg (just like the Super Guy), but a slightly more opened up calf and leg opening. Like the Super Guy, this jean has a low-mid rise jean and fits small, so size up! 34" inseam.


Weird Guy

The Weird Guy, ironically, is N&F's most universal fit. Expect a medium rise and a regular leg with a gentle taper to the ankle. If you’re not sure where to start with Naked & Famous, the Weird Guy is likely your best bet – it looks good on just about everyone. The Weird Guy tends to fit true to size so don't worry about sizing up or down. 34" inseam.


Easy Guy

The Easy Guy is N&F's athletic fit. It offers extra room in the thigh, seat and knee and then tapers sharply to the leg opening. Although designed for athletic bodies, this jean also works well on guys who just want a little more room in the thigh and seat. This jean can fit big so we recommend trying on a size down. 32" inseam.