DIY Denim Destruction

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Will You Be Slicing Your Skinnies or Wearing Your Hems Raw This Spring?

Don’t worry, your distressed denim hasn’t gone out of style quite yet. This year, though, we’re toning it down a notch and giving our jeans a more conservative cut. Instead of those intense, gaping gashes and completely damaged jeans, we’ll be sporting subtle slices and refined frays that make distressing look a little more polished.

I pulled out some of my old favourites (a couple of pairs of Cheap Monday’s and my favorite JBrand’s – the Maria High-rise, to be exact) to give them the ultimate denim revival: A simple cut across the knee and a chopped off hemline exposing just the right amount of ankle. Raw hems with frayed edges aren’t a new trend by any means, but they’ve been sneaking their way back into the spotlight, and into our denim-obsessed hearts. This edgy hem combined with a clean cut across the knee will give any pair of skinnies a fierce finish.

Forget about all of those other DIY alterations that have gone horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. This denim DIY is a sure-fire, idiot-proof way to give your old jeans a new life.

All you’ll need are scissors and an Exacto knife.

Turn your jeans inside out.If you’re feeling cautious, draw a line where you want your cuts to be. Straight across the knee or just above the knee looks best! Slice a straight line across from the inseam to the outer seam. Try sticking a piece of cardboard or something inside your jeans to protect yourself from accidentally creating some super awkward-looking capris/shorts. And if you’re feeling particularly rebellious, hack off your hems. Seriously, just cut them off with scissors. Just make sure you measure how much you want to take off before you cut!

*Your washing machine will give your newly raw hems some more character by fraying the edges.