Dreamweavers: Carrie and Matt’s Road to Imogene & Willie

Matt and Carrie Eddmenson set up their gorgeous Imogene & Willie headquarters in an unassuming old service station in Nashville seven summers ago and have been inspiring us with their graceful denim designs, beautiful love story and resolute dedication to the community ever since.

The two met as middle-schoolers at Carrie’s pool party 30 years ago, spent their adolescence and early adulthood exploring the world separately, then returned to their home of Henderson, Kentucky at the same time, ending up working at the same denim company. The separate roads they took miraculously led them back to each other, and in 2006, they were married. Carrie shares their incredible story of love and creation in the photo essay below.



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Feature photo by Larry Niehues, courtesy of Imogene & Willie