Duck, Duck, Duck…Tortoise?

We are very proud to present the brand new, Tortoise Jeans hailing from Los Angeles, California. The brand boasts artisanal denim masterpieces, which utilize the highly eco-friendly “Wiser Wash” washing processes outlined below.

Wiser Wash is a multi-pronged, eco-friendly initiative concentrated on revolutionizing the most environmentally harmful, but essential, step in the process of making jeans – the wash.

The prongs:

1) 3. O-Zone: a revolutionary, patent-pending ozone application. This wash process uses a new generation of ozone technology in place of traditional, outdated methods that use toxic and harmful chemicals. This means, less machine time, lower temperatures and less compound processes. As a result, the energy consumed at TORTOISE Jeans is 85% less than many other wash facilities.

2) In conjunction with the patent-pending “3. O-zone process”, the “Starfish” washing process, eliminates the need for pumice stone, which is crucial when considering the environmental impact of using the stone; excavating the material, processing, transportation, and the sludgy byproduct that is left after processing. Starfish is a locally sourced ingredient that can be used over and over again, creating nearly zero waste.

3) “Nue Water” is what separates TORTOISE from other garment laundries in the world. The idea is to reduce the total amount of water exposure by using 80% less water than traditional laundries. “Nue Water” is used water that has been filtered for use again. 99% of what is used is transferable to subsequent washings. Zero water is disposed of, and only “Nue Water” is gained in the process.