dutil. Records Presents: Serotonin: To Long for – You, Sessions Volume 1


This Spring, dutil. will release the first of a series of pressed vinyl records. The record, named Serotonin: To Long For – You Sessions Volume 1, is a collaborative album featuring up-and-coming local and international artists such as ACTORS, Drawn Ship and Sophia Danai (here’s a link to Sophia’s video for Now I Know, the single off her upcoming album Wishing Well).

The idea behind the record is to help artists who may or may not be monetarily able to press their own vinyl records, the ability to feature their work in a medium that has been lost in the era of the digital download and internet culture. dutil. loves the nostalgia and tactility that only a vinyl record can provide. dutil. wants you to hold it in your hands.

dutil. Records is proud to have had two-time Grammy winner, Chin Injeti work with us on the album which will be released some time this Spring 2013.