Fall Denim Teaser

It’s the time of year where, as much as we hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end. The days are still hot and the nights temperate, but it’s hard to say for how long. It’s not all bad news though; the end of summer also means new styles, washes, and brands are making their way into dutil., which is something to be excited about.

To celebrate the seasonal transition, we thought it would be nice to show you guys some of our new Acnes. Our models were inspired by the garden and frolicked around in the foliage on their own accord as I snapped a few shots.

Acne Women's

Acne Women's "Kex" in "Fresh" and Men's "Max" in "Raw"

Acne is a brand from Stockholm, Sweden which started in 1996. The name is an acronym that stands for “ambition to create novel expressions”.  Acne wanted to create a collection that was innovative and totally wearable, any day (or night) of the week.

Acne Men's "Max" in "Raw"

Here, our male model wears the “Max” in “Raw”, which retails for $248.00 CAD at our store. The jean is likely to stretch about a full-size with wear, as it is a raw jean, so as per usual, buy them snug. Furthermore, the jean will end up fitting and looking its best if it is worn religiously for 6 months to a year prior to washing. When it is finally time to wash them, use cold water with the jean inside-out, and hang them to dry. Leave an inch at the bottom if you plan on hemming them before washing them, as they could potentially shrink an inch vertically.

Acne Women's "Kex" in "Fresh" and Men's "Max" in "Raw"

Our female model sports a washed pair of Acnes called the “Kex” in “Fresh” for $298.00 CAD. Since this jean is not raw, it won’t stretch out a full-size, but they likely shrink a bit in the wash, so buy them to fit and don’t wash them for 6 months to a year in order to allow your body to whip them into your own personal shape. When you do wash them, do it in cold water, inside-out, and hang them to dry. To keep the legs long enough, we recommend giving the inseam a quick tug before they dry.

Summer will inevitably be back next year and in the meantime, we can start getting geeked about scarves, jackets, and what it feels like to wear jeans that aren’t sticking to your “summer skin”.

After about a year of High Kai absence from another favourite Swedish brand, Nudie, we are pleased to say that we have the style in stock and in a colour that can only truly be appreciated in cooler weather: black.

Nudie "High Kai" in "Black"

Our female model looks pretty slick wearing the High Kai which retails at Dutil. for $218.00 CAD.

Men's Post'age "Eichler" in "Coal" and Nudie Unisex "High Kai" in "Black"

Our male model wears Post’age, a new brand that comes out of L.A. and uses high-quality denim from all over the world. Post’age, since its 2009 launch, maintains that its brand helps to create a bold look in a postmodern age. What’s exciting about this particular jean is that it is waxed, and with wear will become almost leathery looking, with some areas becoming shinier, and some areas becoming more matte, making it truly custom to your body and lifestyle. This jean is called the “Eichler”, a slim straight leg, and the waxy finish is in “Coal”. In our shop, this denim confection is retailed at $238.00 CAD.

Men's Post'age "Eichler" in "Coal"

Waxed denim tends to break in a little bit nicer and lasts longer when it stays away from the wash, but if you can absolutely not stand your unwashed jeans, wash them in cold water only, as heat is the enemy of this kind of finish. Hang them to dry and do not wash them again until you would rather go naked than wear your dirty (but really cool looking) jeans.

And last in this post, but very obviously not least, is a woman’s Post’age jean called the “Manx Skinny” in “Dark Indigo Gold”. The curve-hugging jean boasts some zippered back pockets, some slashy front pockets and a wash that makes my eyes feel good.

Women's Post'age "Manx Skinny" in "Dark Indigo Gold"

The jean retails at dutil., for $238.00 CAD.

Women's Post'age "Manx Skinny" in "Dark Indigo Gold"