IDC x Vancity® Originals Brand x Hopewell Works Ltd. Hat Launch Party Recap


Last Thursday we celebrated the launch of the limited-edition suede and leather, hidden-pocket, three-way collaboration cap by IDC, Vancity® Originals, and Hopewell Works Ltd. The event was hosted by the three brands at the Hopewell Works Ltd. workshop in East Vancouver.

Upon walking into the workshop, there was a warm, relaxed vibe – the crowd was buzzing and space encouraged mingling (with the help of free Jameson whiskey of course!). But, what made the event great was the amalgamation of friends, family, and supporters from the three different brands.

Collaborations allow multiple mindsets to come together to create something that may have not otherwise come to fruition, and the diverse group of people attending the party echoed that idea in their presence.

IDC PartyWe want to thank everyone who attended the party in support of IDC, Vancity® Originals Brand, and Hopewell Works. A special thanks to Jameson for providing the social lubricant, and Jarami from Hopewell Works Ltd. for lending us his space for the event.