Introducing: McGuire Denim

New at dutil: McGuire Denim

LA-based denim house McGuire reinvents the classics

Female denim designers have been stepping it up in the past ten years; heading design at powerhouses like Guess, Paige, Citizens of Humanity, and MiH. With the introduction of elastin, the man’s world of workwear blew away and it was obvious that there was a hole that female designers have been more than happy to fill. Why? Because they know what it is like to live and move in blues, which are often tighter than that of their male counterparts – making the addition of elastin almost non-negotiable in this day and age. But even amidst this sea of change, there still aren’t many female designers inspired by utilitarian design.

That is what makes LA-based denim line McGuire so appealing. Enter McGuire founder and designer Marianne McDonald. With such an impeccable indigo pedigree – she basically built Joe’s and revamped the 1969 line for Gap – the move to creating her own line was only logical. The collection is simple with classic lines, and a focus on accentuating the urban femme in all of its forms – reinventing the sexy little black dress to the fitted pencil skirt and the flare. Simple washes are featured to nod to the organic history of vintage work wear, and her inspirations come from all places – from Serge Gainsbourg, to 70’s models. McDonald is the real denim deal, unafraid to make a cut that only women love and men might hate (such as the boyish “Mrs. Robinson” with a longer rise).

Through her design, McDonald hopes to continue to further an appreciation of working denim to a whole new female audience. She compares a relationship to a good pair of jeans to that of “a good coffee or wine… at first it all tastes the same, but as you gain more knowledge and appreciation, you begin to become passionate about the elements that make it superior.” We can (and do!) get behind a philosophy like that.

McGuire Gotham Slim

McGuire Gotham Slim in Revel

McGuire Denim Mrs. Robinson in Way Fare

McGuire Denim Mrs. Robinson in Way Fare