Raw Season

Sometimes in January it’s like we have to remind the weather that it already had it’s chance at winter, it should be over by now. But always, the temperatures drop and the rain becomes relentless, but if we’re after one glimpse of joy it’s that this is the best time of the season to start breaking in a new pair of raw denim.

When the weather is cold out, it makes getting into a crisp pair that much more appealing, it offers the chance for a slow cooked break in. There’s no denying the nature of a raw denim, it is naturally stiff and because of that, the friction in that first month or couple months of wear can create a bit of heat, which is all part of the softening process. In the warmer months when your daily activities become more active, the internal heat created from the denim in conjunction with movement and humidity can be the perfect storm for a fast break in, but for some, can be a bit of a deterrent from sliding their fresh pair on everyday.

That’s why, if you’d like to have pair softened by Spring, starting a base break-in now is ideal. It gives the denim the time to relax and start interpreting your movements and then by the time you start pulling the bike out for more than commuting, you can start getting some of the more defined stacking and whiskering.

In terms of styles to employ for the slow cooked method, APC New Standard Raw has the durability to age beautifully while allowing for high contrast fading.


APC is a French brand that was started by Jean Touitou in 1987. Touitou looked to create a ready to wear brand that escaped the over complication of design that was happening in France at that time and to take cues from workwear styling to make simply beautiful, well made pieces. Although the brand
dons a cult status and is well known for it’s many collaborations, the denim extension of the brand has become one of the favourites of the denim community for the quality and approachable price point. The New Standard is celebrated as a ‘modern classic’ fit in selvedge denim. They have a slim straight leg and regular rise with a clean and dark indigo wash and there’s also the Petit New Standard Raw for those looking for a more tapered and overall slimmer leg.

APC Petit New Standard Front

There’s never a bad time to start breaking-in a new pair of raw denim, but having a pair of fresh French designed jeans to look forward to putting on every morning sure helps when the weather feels like its out for you.