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Something Old and Something Neuw

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This newest addition to our roster of Australian denim just arrived in Vancouver. Neuw Denim has captained a style that revolves around what the brand calls ‘Vintage Revision’. The concept involves updating vintage styles with hand repair work and tailoring to reveal a set of uniquely styled garments. The Belgian city of Neuwlandstraat served as inspiration for the label’s name when it was established in 2005. Come by the shop to check out the men’s and women’s styles offered up. For men, several iterations of the skinny ‘Iggy’ fit are available in Black Stone, Raw Stretch, Wheat, and First Year Wash. Ladies can choose between the ‘Razor Skinny’ in Black Market and the ‘Marilyn High Skinny’ in Opus Blue, Mustard, and Berry (in order below).

High Rise Grey Skinny


High Rise Grey Skinny

Neuw Men's

High Rise Grey Skinny

Neuw Women's