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Introducing: Jude Neale Denim

The man behind one our newest brands sits down to talk about his new collection of denim and outerwear. Meet Jude Neale. *** After 26 years designing for private denim labels, Jude Neale has created his own collection grounded in rejecting trends and taking the road less traveled. With both a background in textiles and design he has crafted a denim line who’s finely crafted fits can only be matched by the beauty of its fabric. Dutil has just launched his collection in stores and online, and we sat down with him to pick his brain on his new collection, and how he designs his jeans. *** Dutil: I read that you had 26 years of craftsmanship and experience. Can you tell me a little about that and your journey? Jude Neale: I started out in the Textile world very young. Graduating with a degree in Physics and not being able to pursue a career in nuclear physics I jumped at the first opportunity to work as a technical intern in the Textile research & development division of the Firestone Tire Co. From there I went on to manage a large composite Textile mill in Asia. Mastering Spinning, weaving, dyeing and […]

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dutil. Toronto Presents: Nudie Jeans ‘Repairing is Caring’ Event

dutil. Toronto Presents: Nudie Jeans Repairing is Caring Event This April 12th and 13th, dutil. Toronto is hosting a Nudie Jeans pop-up Denim Repair Shop – bring in your old Nudie jeans and have them repaired while you sip a Peroni. Toronto locals can bring their well-loved, worn-and-torn, Nudie Jeans for free repairs* by Phil Rodriguez, Nudie’s North American Repair Specialist, giving new life to those old Nudies! Additionally, the Repair Shop will offer all customers free hemming on all Nudie Jeans purchases made that weekend. Nudie Jeans owners can also participate in their ‘Repair Reuse! Reduce’ program where customers can exchange old Nudie Jeans** for an exclusive gift. The donated jeans will be recycled and resold in Nudie Concept Stores. While the Repair Shop will not be offered in our Vancouver location, Vancouverites will receive an exclusive gift with all Nudie Jean purchases on April 12th and 13th! * Repairs are offered free on a first come first served basis, only on Nudie Jeans. Repair jobs will only be carried out if repair specialist is able to perform during active hours. ** Exchanged Nudie Jeans must meet Nudie Jeans wear-and tear requirements, and exclusive gift will be available while stocks last.

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IDC X Naked & Famous – Pre-order Now!

IDC and Naked & Famous bring to you a very limited edition (50 pairs total) denim delight. The jeans will be 12.77oz raw, indigo selvage denim with a contrast stitch. The jean is available only in the Weird Guy fit. Pre-order your pair now so you don’t miss out! In-store or over the phone. Vancouver: (604) 688-8892 Toronto: (647) 352-2560 Peep the buffalo hide patch:    

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Whiskers, They Aren’t Just for Cats

Hip/Waist Whiskering                       Fade February Fact #16: A lot of jeans out there have already been broken in for the denim consumer, and one of the most common effects is whiskering. Whiskering fades develop from denim rubbing against itself when the wearer is sitting, or bending at the hips and waist, and have gotten their name due to the resemblance to whiskers on an animal.

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What Colour are your Blue Jeans?

Naked & Famous Green Cast Denim                       Fade February Fact #15: Jeans can be found in a wide variety of washes and colours, but you may have noticed different tones and shades of your indigo jeans as well. The term ‘cast’ is used to describe the undertone of your blue jeans. Depending on the type of dye used, indigo denim can have a black, brown, green, red, or even yellow cast to it. The jeans we have featured here are Naked & Famous Green Cast Denim.

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Atari isn’t Just a Video Game System from the 70’s

Atari – Stacking Fade February Fact #11: Japanese denim is among the most sought after by many denim connoisseur’s, and for good reason. The Japanese word referring to the most prevalent fades on jeans is ”Atari”. It doesn’t refer to one specific spot on the jeans, rather just to the most visible. In this image we can see ”stacking” which comes from having a tapered jean’s extra length stack up around the ankle, as opposed to being hemmed or cuffed.

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Shrink-to-Fit Levi’s Fade February Fact #10: Yesterday we talked about sanforization, and how it prevents your jeans from shrinking. Most jeans out there today have undergone that process, but you can still get jeans that are unsanforized. A common term for these jeans is ‘shrink to fit’. This is because they will shrink down about 10%. This equals out to about 1-2 inches throughout the waist, and up to 4 inches in the length. This is actually how all jeans were made up until about the 50’s. The hard core denim enthusiasts will sit in a tub with the unsanforized jeans on, and wear them as they dry in order to get the most customized fit possible.

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The Process of Sanforization

Washing Instruction Symbols Fade February Fact #9: A myth with the care of jeans is that they will shrink when washed, but that isn’t usually the case. The majority of  jeans available in the marketplace today have undergone a process called sanforization. Sanforization is the process of stretching and manipulating the yarns of the fabric prior to any washing so that any shrinking during future washes will be minimized. If jeans are not sanforized they can shrink approximately 10% when they get wet, but after sanforization jeans will only shrink up 1-2%, and that’s typically only in the length.

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The Big Three – The Brands That Started it All

Wrangler Jeans, Lee Jeans, Levi Strauss & Co. Fade February Fact #8: There are so many denim brands in the marketplace today that it’s hard to keep track of what’s even available to us, but that hasn’t always been the case. Before denim was fashion, and work-wear was just a style, there were 3 brands that helped start it all. The brands were Lee Jeans, Levi Strauss & Co. and Wrangler. Lee Jeans were first manufactured in 1889 in Kansas, Levi’s were first manufactured in 1873, and Wrangler came on to the scene in the year 1940. Hats of to ‘The Big Three’ for helping get us where we are today.

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