The Weathered Project: Inked Chapter Two

Back in September of 2015, we started the first chapter of the Weathered Project – a celebration of style, individuality, the creative process, and raw denim – with an introduction to Mitch Kirilo, Gastown Tattoo Parlour artist and owner. Over the past four months, Mitch journeyed around the country in his sturdy Tellasons – we’re interested to learn how he (and his winter armour) fared over the Winter.

The initial break-in of Mitch’s denim took approximately two weeks of consistent wear – he donned his Tellason Gustave slim tapered 14.75oz four to five days a week over the past season and hasn’t washed them yet (as true denim lovers do). Tellason’s durability is one of the reasons we love the brand, and the proof of this is in the photos. You can see that the deep indigo colour of these jeans is just starting to show some wear and natural imprints. Check out the subtle outline of the cellphone in the front pocket, the etching of the honeycombs starting at the back of the knee and some slight fading at the knee.

Mitch wore his Tellasons as he traveled to Montreal for an international tattoo convention, built his motorcycle in his garage then drove it through BC’s sprawling landscapes on his motorcycle (riding from Stanley Park to Whistler). They endured the long, intricate tattoos appointments with his clients – some large-scale tattoos took anywhere between five to seven hours over just as many sessions to complete.

Mitch Kirilo Chest TattooWe are looking forward to our next stopover with Mitch in May. We’ll hear more about life in his Tellasons and his new adventures (maybe even a story or two about his upcoming motorcycle adventure through Southeast Asia or his latest masterpiece).

Find us next month to get the scoop on Industrial Designer Char Kennedy’s recent projects and the evolution of her Nudie Pipe Leds – stay tuned to the Weathered Project.