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We Like it Raw

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We had a very special client come in the other day. He was one of those dedicated-to-raw kind of guys who was wearing a pair of jeans he had owned and worn religiously for 3 years. They were so beautiful that angels sang when he walked into the shop.

He told me that over the 3 years he had been wearing them, they had been “sneaky washed” only once when he took them to get repaired. The tailor dry-cleaned them without asking, and they were returned to him a lot lighter than they were previous to the repair. In the end, this accidental cleansing did not effect how amazing these jeans look. 

For your visual pleasure, I took some photos of them. See for yourself what 3 years of dedication to raw denim can do for you, and then come check out our huge selection of raw at dutil. so you can start your own denim-based art project.

Raw denim aged 3 years.

Raw denim aged 3 years.