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Denim Icons: New LVC at dutil. Vancouver

No doubt about it, Levi’s is an iconic brand. We like to pay homage to the icons of denim, and thus, are proud to announce that we are carrying the LVC (Levi’s Vintage Clothing) 1960’s 606 jean for ladies, and the 1947 shrink-to-fit 501 jean for gentlemen this Fall 2014. For those ladies with a penchant for quality and vintage inspired looks, the 606 just might be the perfect jean. The 606 was originally created in the 1960s as a more stylish and affordable jean for ladies. In many circles, this jean was considered the first “skinny jean” available to women. The LVC 606 jean is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so you can work them in yourself without relying on stretch fibres to make them comfy (a longer, but more rewarding process). Cotton tends to last longer, and repair better, so you can count on these for years to come. And for gentlemen who have already conquered the sanforized raw jean – we are offering perhaps the world’s most famous denim fit: the 501 – but this time, in a shrink-to-fit denim. There are many different “recipes” for shrinking your denim, but we suggest the sure bet way: taking a bath while […]

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Shrink-to-Fit Levi’s Fade February Fact #10: Yesterday we talked about sanforization, and how it prevents your jeans from shrinking. Most jeans out there today have undergone that process, but you can still get jeans that are unsanforized. A common term for these jeans is ‘shrink to fit’. This is because they will shrink down about 10%. This equals out to about 1-2 inches throughout the waist, and up to 4 inches in the length. This is actually how all jeans were made up until about the 50’s. The hard core denim enthusiasts will sit in a tub with the unsanforized jeans on, and wear them as they dry in order to get the most customized fit possible.

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The Process of Sanforization

Washing Instruction Symbols Fade February Fact #9: A myth with the care of jeans is that they will shrink when washed, but that isn’t usually the case. The majority of  jeans available in the marketplace today have undergone a process called sanforization. Sanforization is the process of stretching and manipulating the yarns of the fabric prior to any washing so that any shrinking during future washes will be minimized. If jeans are not sanforized they can shrink approximately 10% when they get wet, but after sanforization jeans will only shrink up 1-2%, and that’s typically only in the length.

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