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5th Annual: Fade February

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Join us for an afternoon of friendly competition as the most dedicated Denim Heads square off. Celebrating denim worn, denim loved, and often denim destroyed. Showcasing the finest wears, tears, splotches, patches, holes and streaks in Canada. This February it’s also about breaking in new jeans as well as wearing in the old. The three winning entries will be handed a fresh new pair of raws to begin the journey anew!

The philosophy of Fade February is the Japanese experience of Atari, also known as high contrasting fading. The stories told in the fading, stretching, tearing and repairing of each raw denim pair. The longer and more adventurous the stories become the more accentuated the Atari.   

Atari is what our judges will be measuring, this February (enter names please) decide the denim lords. Fades to be on the look out for include: Whiskering, honeycombs, stacking and roping. Bonus points for burst back pockets, torn stitches, and fading on the belt loops and seams. Blown out crotches and knees are an extra sign of commitment not to be forgotten. P.S we can repair those for you, don’t let this be the last Fade February due to untimely lower tears.

The destruction and personality within a three year old pair vs. the deep indigo of a freshly minted raw has to be seen to be believed. See you there (date) at (time), bring your friends and your jeans.