Beat the Heat: This Summer’s Coolest Denim

“Beauty by Impairment” is a real phenomenon, and us denim heads are waist-deep in it. Most of us know someone (or are that someone) who’s constantly breaking in a pair of raw denim. Regardless of the weather, season, or occasion, they’re putting the work in on those jeans. It could be mid July and over 30 degrees celsius, but they’d be outside rocking some 21 oz Iron Hearts – no pain no gain.

But not everyone wants to swap comfort for process. Luckily, denim brands are increasingly using innovative material blends to produce jeans designed for warm weather. Listed below, in no particular order, are the top three summer denim suggestions available online or in-store at dutil.

Joe’s “Brixton” in Vash (medium light grey) – If you’re hunting for a slim straight jean that offers comfort and flexibility during the summer, but also the versatility for the cooler seasons, then look no further. Part of Joe’s Cool Off Collection, this jean is made from lightweight stretch denim that contains 70% Cotton, 28% COOLMAX and 2% Lycra. You may or may not recognize the name COOLMAX from activewear brands such as Adidas – Joe’s denim blend contains this same technology which is used to wick moisture from the body, keeping the wearer dry and cool in the summer, and insulated in colder weather. The medium grey stretch denim is light enough to style into summer looks, yet neutral enough to pivot into Fall and Spring – sounds like the perfect year-round jean.

Naked & Famous Indigo Selvedge Chambray – Chambray and Denim are often confused for each other. Although both fabrics are made with a coloured yarn in the warp and white in the weft, they differ in the method of weaving. Chambray is woven in a plain weave, while denim is a twill weave. Made from 100% cotton, Naked & Famous’ Indigo Chambray is extremely lightweight at only 5 oz and is designed specifically for the summer heat. Available in both their Skinny Guy (straight) and Weird Guy (tapered) cuts, this incredibly thin pant drapes effortlessly, offering the wearer a cool and comfortable denim alternative that looks the part.

Naked & Famous Lightweight Linen Denim Blend – Continuing their pattern of innovative and creative material blends, Naked & Famous released another wonderful lightweight denim alternative for the summer months. Available in their Weird Guy (tapered) cut, this lightweight 8 oz linen denim blend is 70% cotton and 30% linen.  Unlike cotton, linen fibers don’t stretch and offer substantial strength and resilience. So with this material blend, Naked & Famous is able to deliver a jean that is both comfortable and durable and tailored for the summer needs of denim lovers everywhere.

Summer Denim Tips:
be mindful of denim weight, material blend, and color. Denim weighing 11 oz and under is considered lightweight and good for comfort. Cotton with Elastane or Polyurethane will offer stretch and flexibility. The darker the color of the denim, the more energy it absorbs – that energy is usually converted into heat and subsequent discomfort for the wearer.

-Sean Whyte
Feature photo by Anneliese Phillips