Cuddly Resolutions

When the ball drops and the glitter clears on the first day of the year, ya’ll are determined to work away those sads. I wanna help. Let’s look at some stuff that will make this winter cuddly and this new year hopeful.

Harlow and Sage

Harlow and Sage












1) @harlowandsage

If you’ve never seen this Instagram feed, get ready for your heart to melt, solidify again, then explode. The stars are Harlow a skeptical Weimaraner and (yes) Sage, a hound with some serious googley eyes. Did I mention they like to cuddle? They cuddle a lot. Plus they have other dog pals and sometime they all cuddle and weeeeeeeee.

2) All the R&B Records

Listening to the funk always makes me want to move– and moving is important in this weather, especially if you are enduring that polar snap. Yes, R&B could save your life. Might I recommend gathering with pals in the living room for some: Al Green, Chaka Khan, Sam Cooke, Aretha, Stevie Wonder, James Brown?

3) The Hot Toddy

Forget about parallel universes and that large hadron collider, the person that discovered this drink was a real genius. Citrus, spice, honey, hot water, and (oh yes) bourbon all mixing together in one glorious steamy treat that will melt you down to your toes. Many variations are available, but I like the ones that add cinnamon sticks to the mix (We mentioned it had bourbon right?).

4) Blankets. So many blankets.

Depending on your hydro bill, you may be averaging 2-5 blankets per night if you live in Toronto. I have long joked that I would straight up wear one around town this winter if the bitter cold got worse; but blanket-lined clothing may be my way to go. Consider a lined denim jacket, work shirt, or some selvedged denim (like Naked & Famous started putting out a few years back). No long johns, no problem.

5) This on repeat:

BTW: Resolutions? Please. You want to improve upon yourself this 2015? You have to make plans. Because resolutions are just plans to further plans. Real talk.