Dialogue: This Again Denim reworks classic jeans

Think about your favourite pair of jeans. Faded, worn in all the right spots, washed to perfection; a caress of denim, if you will. This Again Denim aims to hit your sweet spot with vintage, reworked, quality denim pieces, all redesigned by Kaitlin Churcher. With conscientious attention to fit and wear, This Again ventures to create a well-loved, stylish pair of jeans. Call it your cottony security blanket of sorts. Certainly, an amazing pair of jeans are just the ticket to improve your daily life, or at least uplift your mood! We spoke to Kaitlin about her newly launched line and what goes into making that denim dreams a reality.

What is “This Again”? When did you get started?

This Again is a labor of love. I rework primarily American made Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler jeans. I prefer working with vintage jeans because I feel they are aesthetic to be more authentic and using this as my jumping-off point, I’m able to modernize fits, and sometimes I’ll put my own spin on things in terms of customization.

Where are you based?

Vancouver, BC! I have a studio in my apartment, and that’s where the process will go down, from the initial idea behind the design to the execution of sewing in tags.

Where did your interest in reworked denim start?

I’ve worked with premium denim for more or less the past decade (dear lord that makes me sound old), and I’ve always thought that there was a lack of story in washed jeans, especially so for women’s styles. I’ve always loved coming across vintage jeans that have so much more substance in my mind. I love the idea of each wearer having a story, and I like the idea of incorporating that into my line.

What goes into making a pair of This Again denim?

I’m a pretty small operation, so I usually go jeans in jeans. I’ll take a look at the wear patterns of each pant and see if there’s anything I can work with. Sometimes there’s distressing I can highlight, sometimes they need tapering, sometimes they need some TLC and I have to work a few repairs in there, too.

Who (or what) is the inspiration behind the line?

I usually design things that I think myself or my friends would wear ­ so I’d say that those near and dear to me are my greatest inspiration. I am lucky enough to surround myself with smart, beautiful and well-dressed friends, so why not try to make things they would wear? It’s really important to me that people feel good about themselves in my jeans. I feel that a lot of women’s fashion is targeted at attracting someone else’s gaze, and I’d love for people that wear my jeans to feel great about themselves, for themselves. Wear them on an adventure, a date, whatever, just feel great.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve reworked so far?

I have a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans that are so perfectly trashed and soft that I have a hard time wearing anything else. People that see me on a regular basis will know the jeans I’m talking about. I found them and had every intention of adding them to my line. I went to bed the night after I found them, and couldn’t get them out of my head. I got back out of bed, tried them on, measured them, got on my sewing machine and altered them, and then went back to bed, and haven’t stopped wearing them since.

Lastly,​What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Just one? It depends on my mood for sure. I never feel better than after scoring a great haul of jeans I know people will love ­ it’s so exhilarating. Also, I love sleeping and staying in bed, but I don’t think I’m supposed to admit that. So I’ll tell you my second favorite non­work day. Get up, go to yoga, drink expensive juice I can’t afford, and have an afternoon/evening with great company, preferably outside somewhere, with a beer and lots of laughs.

*This Again Denim is available exclusively in our Vancouver & Toronto stores.