La Douleur Exquise: An A.P.C Inspired Playlist

Jean Touitou makes the grade with A.P.C’s fall 2016 line – the collection debuted on the world’s most prestigious runways at the start of the year, but the Paris Prep-inspired looks are finally available in stores and online for ecstatic devotees. We’re thrilled to carry their raw denim fits for men and women in both our Vancouver and Toronto stores and on EComm.

Fall 2016 combines utilitarian fabrics like corduroy, wool, and denim used in elegant, minimalistic and versatile designs with guest appearances by paisley, plaid, and bright gem tones. The collection channels 50s collegiate romanticism at its best. It reminds us of young, unabashed, sanguine love that has been masterfully captured in French music, art, and literature over centuries.

We were inspired to put together a playlist that speaks to the refined sentimentalism in A.P.C’s Fall 2016 pieces. It is aptly titled after the famous French phrase, La Douleur Exquise. The Exquisite Pain – because anyone who’s ever been in love knows that there’s no better way to describe that old feeling.

Feature photo by Viktor Kiryanov