Raw Conversation: We Weigh in on Women’s Raw Denim

Women’s raw denim

Women’s raw denim is underdeveloped as an industry and underexposed as a market. In general, raw denim is still largely associated with traditional workwear pieces like five-pocket trousers (jeans), overalls, overshirts, and outerwear – all functional garments designed with little regard for the female body.

Brands have been slow to think outside of the box and produce raw denim pieces that cater to the wide range of body types that comprise the female market. This challenge was only sidestepped with the advent and subsequent popularity of stretch denim.

It’s not that raw denim for women is new – Levi’s made the first known pair in 1934. It’s as if women’s denim and raw denim were incompatible due in part to both principle and circumstance. But times have changed, and the demand for women’s raw denim continues to grow. And in the last few years that growth has led to an emerging market in need of innovation.

Raw Denim Brands

There are a handful of brands taking the lead on producing raw denim options for women. Labels like Nudie, Naked & Famous both available at Dutil in-store and online) have shown a commitment to producing pieces specifically designed with women in mind.

To learn about more brands producing quality women’s raw check out Denimhunters 2015 feature here and Heddel’s 2014 top five raw denim options of women here

We recently reached out to some of our female friends breaking in raw jeans. We wanted to get their thoughts on anything from the wear process, to the fit and feel of their chosen jeans – scroll through the image carousel to discover which denim they’re sporting and why they’ve become essentials in their closets.

They feel like a second skin and get even better with age.

-Kaitlyn Till on Naked and Famous’ The Straight

When you read the quotes above, it’s obvious how gratifying the process of breaking in raw denim is. From watching the development of wear patterns to feeling the increasing comfort of the garment, this a joy that can be shared by all.

Raw Denim Facts:

-Sean Whyte
Featured photograph by Brooke Cagle