Something Blue: Scrapping Traditional Wedding Attire Rules – Denim Wedding Ideas

There are a few fashion faux pas that we’re reminded of when wedding season rolls by. Women are cautioned against wearing white to avoid upstaging the bride. Flip flops are considered a definite no-no for the wedding party and their guests. And denim. Oh, denim – Emily Post would probably shriek in horror if she saw a groom exchange I do’s in a pair of blue jeans. Denim Wedding Ideas, here we come.

But we’re not one for sticking to the rules, and we’ve helped several grooms over the years picking out the perfect pair of jeans for their big day. For the record, their partners fully supported the idea and they all looked extremely dapper pairing a well-tailored, pair of dark denim with a crisp shirt and tie.

Increasingly, open-minded, fashion-forward, cost-savvy couples are integrating denim into their wedding party outfits and defying “traditional etiquette” – and they’re doing so with incredible style. We’ve scoured wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and photography sites to put together our favourite wedding denim looks from the past year – pick up some Denim Wedding ideas and product recommendations below. 

Denim Wedding Ideas

Wedding images link to the original articles and you can purchase the recommended jackets, jeans and boots by clicking on the product shots. All garments mentioned are available at both Dutil. Toronto and Vancouver locations and through our online store.

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-Ria Nevada
Featured photography by Sweet Ice Cream Photography