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The Heaviest Jeans in the World. For Now.

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Fade February Fact #24:

The search to find the heaviest jeans in the world isn’t an easy one, and even if you can get your hands on them, it’s not a comfortable journey, to begin with. Anything over 15 oz is considered to be heavy raw denim, and a good chunk of denim-heads swear by the heavy stuff. It lasts longer, and eventually softens up. Japanese denim company Iron Heart began manufacturing 21 & 22 oz denim for motorcyclists that were looking for a more casual solution for protective gear. Denim scientists from Naked & Famous have since beat the 22 oz mark by manufacturing jeans that come in 24, 26, and now a 32 oz denim. The 32 oz Naked & Famous Weird Guys can stand up on their own. Go hard, or go home!