Treasures and Travels: Capsule Wardrobes Featuring dutil. Denim and Nudie Jeans

Our friends Lindsay and Tegan from the Vancouver lifestyle blog Treasures and Travels did a fantastic piece on capsule wardrobes last month, featuring our essential women’s denim and signature organic T-shirts. The stylish sisters gravitated towards sleek, versatile and classic fits that will carry over through countless seasons. Lindsay opted for the Dutil.  Quintessential black, high-rise denim while Tegan freshened up her wardrobe with the light-washed Nudie Pipe Led, both styled with our relaxed crew neck Ts.

Lindsay emphasizes the importance of investing in high quality, handcrafted denim as opposed to fast fashion items:

Lately, I have been aware of how much water goes into making jeans, and just how wasteful this cycle of mine is. Gross! This is honestly the first time I have ever had a good quality pair of high waisted black jeans, and I am SO happy about it. I am now ready to thrift all my old black jeans, knowing I won’t need to purchase any for a loooooooong time.

We love their insights into responsible consumerism. Tegan writes:

As a consumer I’ve really been looking at what I’m supporting, what brands do I want to support and put my hard earned dollars behind? I’ve really felt challenged by that lately, because as hard as it can be to buy something that feels way more expensive than I’m used to, once I look back at all the cheap clothes or things I’ve wasted money on, I wish I had invested in something I love, and things or clothing that will last and not be worn a few times before it’s ruined or falling apart.


Catch the full post on Treasures and Travels.