We are Peg Rolling!

Image Courtesy of www.buzzfeed.com

Image Courtesy of www.buzzfeed.com

How to do a Peg Roll:

When in need of some serious denim styling inspiration, look no further than the 1980’s. Style icons like Molly Ringwald and Madonna have been such incredible influences on our fashion choices, and we absolutely love recreating and adapting their legendary looks. One of our current favorites is the peg roll (a.k.a the tight roll). The pegged jean is a perfect way to rock a pair of old bootcuts, straight-legs, or any looser fitting jeans.

    Grab the extra denim around your ankles at the front and pull it forward, so the back of your jean is fairly tight against your skin. Fold the extra denim inwards or outwards, creating a diagonal crease at the front. Roll the denim up twice. The second roll will be tighter, allowing it to hold its place.

If you’re feeling extra sassy, ladies, pair your freshly pegged jeans with some chunky heels. And gentlemen, how about some socks and sneakers? (If you’re as inspired by Zack Morris as I am.)